Integrity Plugz™ High Temperature (HT) are made from high performing silicone rubber for extra protection against high temperatures, mechanical damage, weather, UV, and ozone exposure. Integrity Plugz™ HT comes with a unique edge trim made of a flexible metal ring encased in silicone that conforms to irregular surfaces and eliminates risks of injury from reaching in exposed sheet metal. The Integrity Plugz™ HT also includes a lanyard to avoid cover loss. Each Integrity Plugz™ HT comes as a kit including templates, hardware, and installation instructions. Helps to prevent Corrosion under Insulation (C.U.I.), The V.I.P. makes non-destructive inspection economical, Reduces inspection costs/ time Weather-tight seal


Used alongside metal jacketing and caulking/sealants, the integrity products drain plug provides extra protection against corrosion under insulation (CUI). Made with flame-resistant, non-combustible polyphenylene sulfide black (PPS), integrity products Drainplug allows any water or moisture that penetrates the insulation system to drain out freely.


Water Indicator WUI uses a unique patented solution with a water sensitive ball of expanding elastomer to indicate the presence of water under insulation. This efficient system allows for easy detection within 24 to 48 hours of water exposure, pointing out critical areas for inspection. The system can easily be reset for reuse. Made with tough, electrically conductive, all-weather Polyamid, the Water Indicator WUI can be used in all climatic conditions. The composition of the Polyamid makes it applicable on high temperature equipment with an operational temperature of up to 150°C (302°F) in contact areas.


Integrity Products Termination Seals are an effective and long-lasting solution to replace traditional metal end caps. They are made from a high-quality silicone rubber and designed to form a watertight seal for metal end caps at insulation terminations. They offer an easy seal solution between the process pipe and the end cap which is a high-risk area for moisture ingress. To accommodate all pipe diameters this product is supplied in 100' coils and is easily cut to suit the circumference of the pipe.


Integrity PTFE Spacer Wrap allows you to establish a non-contacting insulation system by creating a unified and a consistent air gap between the insulation and process pipe. This system separates the insulation system (a common source of water infiltration) and the process pipe. The air gap prevents any moisture ingress from coming into direct contact with the pipe. Made from high performing polytetrafluoroethylene, spacer wrap works with all types of insulation and in various application